The advantages of triple glazing

Double glazing is often the first solution that comes to mind when it we think of enhancing energy efficiency and reducing heat loss in homes. However, triple glazing is also an option that some UK homeowners consider. The big question is: is the upgrade worth the upfront cost?

How Does It Work?

Triple glazing uses three panes of glass instead of the traditional two used in double glazing. The panes are separated using a spacer bar and sealed into a triple glazing unit using a hot melt adhesive. The space between the panes is injected with air or gas with insulating properties, such as argon, to increase the unit’s thermal efficiency and heat retention.

The benefits of Triple glazing

Any glazing company will confirm that most of the heat loss in homes occurs through thermally inefficient windows. Triple glazing can be a more effective way to lower energy bills and keep your home warmer in winter than double glazing. It offers improved heat retention, which is advantageous if you want to replace rotten wooden single glazed windows or upgrade your old double glazing. Triple glazing generates less condensation as there is less heat transference between the interior and exterior. Although a double-glazing system is generally seen as highly secure, triple pane systems make it harder and noisier for intruders to break into your home, acting as a strong deterrent against criminal activity. The additional pane can reduce the amount of external noise disturbing your quiet evenings, providing a relaxing and more peaceful environment away from the din of the neighbours. Despite the high initial costs of triple glazing, its savings on energy bills and improved thermal performance mean that it will pay for itself over a short time and should last for at least twenty-five years when sourced from a reputable glazing company.

Why double glazing is still a good option

Double glazing works the same way as triple glazing, but it only uses two panes of glass. However, double glazing still has many benefits to offer, such as being energy efficient, providing excellent security features, and lower initial costs. The multi-point locking systems used on double-glazed windows guarantee robust security, making it a popular choice.

What if you’ve only just upgraded your windows and doors?

If you already have energy-efficient double glazing, triple glazing may not be necessary. Instead, you could opt for secondary glazing to boost your home’s thermal performance, security, and noise reduction. Nevertheless, triple glazing could significantly improve thermal performance and energy efficiency if your home features many windows or bi-folding doors.

A specialist glazing company you can depend on

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