Five ways to create an exciting and unique interior with antique mirrors

Most of us know the benefits of integrating mirrors into our interior design plans. Still, with their various finishes, antique mirrors can create an exciting and unique feel to an interior. In this blog, we will explore five ways you can use antique mirrors to enhance your decor.

Make your entrance count

Some hallways can be exceptionally narrow, making them challenging spaces to design. Antique mirror panelling can help illuminate a thin area and deliver much-needed depth to create a memorable and elegant entrance.

Obscuring the view

Antique-style glass isn’t solely for mirrors. If you have doors separating spaces such as a dining and living room, glass with a mottled or speckled effect delivers privacy when needed and a clear distinction between the two rooms.

Create a feature wall

Antique mirrors possess such refinement they can be used as a feature wall and essentially a piece of art. A bronze or grey finish to a piece of glass with bevelled edges can complete a room’s most simplistic yet sleek look.

Modest can sometimes work best

A more uncomplicated antique mirror design will blend the other pieces together if you have a living space with several design elements already competing for attention.

Create a splash in the kitchen

For something daring, you should consider using antique glass for your kitchen splashback. The textured effect of antique glass can provide a contrast to other materials you choose for the cabinetry and work surfaces. Contact us today to learn more about how we can supply stunning antique mirrors and glass for your home.