When does mirror glass need replacing?

No home is complete without a mirror to embellish a space; most people believe a mirror will endure forever unless it smashes. However, this isn’t the case, and with mirrors, surface quality depreciation and degradation can occur over time. So, what are the clear signs that glass replacement is required?

Mirrors and cracks don’t mix

If you had a crack in your car windscreen, you would look to replace or fix it as soon as possible, as it can be dangerous. You should follow the same principle with wall mirrors. The slightest crack in a mirror can, at some point, cause the rest of the mirror to break and wound you from falling glass or standing on shards; if you notice a crack go for glass replacement straight away.

Dark patches emerge on the glass

If you spot dark patches around the border of your mirror, then you’re looking at the effect of de-silvering. Mirrors contain silver and tin, among other metals, and if subjected to high humidity environments, the silver layer can peel away to leave a dark area. Once this process begins, the only solution is to replace the mirror and find a better way to ventilate the space.

The mirror image is distorted

If you’ve noticed your mirror has begun to resemble something from a funhouse, there’s a good chance you have an issue with your frame. If the frame is warped, it will cause the image to distort and, with the stress, can crack or shatter the mirror, so remove and replace the frame immediately. If you need any glass replacement services at an affordable price, contact us via our online contact form or email info@albany-glass.co.uk.